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Black Cat Farm Shop

Vegetable Box Scheme

From June 2019, it will be possible to order Vegetable Boxes from the Black Cat Farm Shop, for collection from the shop - or delivery to your home (if within the delivery area).

What will the boxes contain?

Between 8-10 types of vegetables. Most weeks there will be Potatoes, Onions and Carrots. The remainder will be from the range available that week.

The contents of the boxes will be exactly the same as the vegetables in the shop, from the same local suppliers. The ethos of the shop (Fresh, Local, Seasonal) will apply to the vegetable boxes, so you will not find out of season items (i.e. Asparagus in December, or Courgettes in February) in the boxes, or imported items.

What will the items weigh in the boxes?

This will change slightly from week to week, and across the seasons. We can supply average weights for each of the box types, but it really will depend each week on what vegetables are available and their prices. Please contact Sue for the latest box weights.

Are the vegetables Organic?

No, they are not - they are from a wide range of local growers, and most of them are too small to register with the Soil Association. All of them grow using as few pesticides as possible, and natural barriers such as fleece.

Will the vegetables be washed?

No, they will be as they have been harvested, so you will need to wash them yourself. Washing removes essential vitamins and minerals and can bruise the items.

I don't like a particular vegetable - that's fine. We can note it as your 'never send' item.

Can you give me recipe suggestions?

Yes - there is a very good range of recipes already on the shops website ( ) in the 'blog' area.

When will you deliver:

Deliveries will be on Wednesday afternoon's, from about 4:30pm onwards.

Collections from the shop can be on Wednesday afternoon (from 12 noon), or Saturday (from 9am).

We are sorry, but as Sue runs the shop during the day, deliveries will be made on her way home.

I may not be at home when you deliver

That's fine. Please let us know in advance a safe place where the box can be left. It will need to be out of direct sun, and preferably won't be damaged by rain.

Do I have to have a box every week? No - you can have them fortnightly or whenever you need them. Please let us know when you do need them, and don't forget to cancel any you don't.

I've gone on holiday and I forgot to tell you, will you still charge me?

If you let us know by the Sunday before your delivery, there will be no charge.

From the Sunday to 9am on delivery day there will be a £2.50 charge as we have some costs to cover.

If we've delivered already, and you tell us afterwards, you will be charged the full amount.

How much will the boxes cost?

Small Box (2-3 people) £9.50

Medium Box (3-4 people) £11.50

Large Box (5-6 people) £13.50

Delivery will cost £1.50 per box extra, obviously boxes collected from the shop will not be charged delivery.

How will I pay you?

In the shop you can pay by card or cash.

All deliveries will be charged via 'GoCardless', this requires you to set up a Direct Debit with them, but this only takes a couple of minutes to do. Once done, we will invoice you for your box and any extras as we deliver. We are sorry, but we cannot accept cash, cheques, card payments, bank transfers or PayPal payments for any items that are to be delivered.

If I need extra vegetables or other items, is this possible?

Yes, please email your requirements by Sunday evening for Wednesday delivery/collection and we can include them. Please note, we are not able to deliver any chilled products (Meat, Milk, Cheese) but we can deliver Eggs, Apple Juice, Honey (when available) and Preserves (when available) and Bread, plus extra vegetables in season such as Asparagus and strawberries. Contact Sue to find out what's available or sign up to the shop's e-newsletter published each week which will contain the latest list of what's in stock.

Delivery Boxes / Packaging.

We will be using recycled wooden and cardboard boxes to deliver the vegetables to you. They may contain labels which might be misleading (i.e. tomatoes from Spain). The labels on the boxes bear no relation to the source of the vegetables within it - if you would like to know exactly where your items are grown please contact us. Please put the box out for us to collect and re-use.

For loose items such as spinach and some tomatoes, we may need to use paper bags to keep items together, and stop them getting damaged in transit. If we have to use plastic punnets, we will try and use ones already recycled from the shop. Please feel free to return them to us for re-use.

What areas will you deliver to?

Wyboston & Chawston.

Roxton & Great Barford






How do I sign up?

Ring Sue on 07522 559010 to discuss what you'd like and when, or email her